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Thoughts from Phase One

Kitchen with blue counters phase one

A Space to Call Home

The Joneses know their way around home building and remodeling.  By their estimation, they’ve built or remodeled more than a dozen houses. They’ve lived in everything from a Manhattan apartment in New York City to

Wood floors in a hallway that leads the the laundry room and the half bath with blue walls and floral pattern tile

“The Thought of Renovating Was So Terrifying”

Before purchasing their historic home, the Fergusons lived in new-construction houses. They’d never tackled a major renovation. “The thought of renovating was so terrifying,” Kathy explained. “But they made it really, really easy, and they

Bricks stacked at a build site

It’s More Than Just a Transaction

When the Fergusons first moved to Columbia 11 years ago, they found the ideal home. Four beds, three and a half baths, a garage, and a big backyard. And it was all in the idyllic

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The Story of Azalea Building Group and Phase One

Pam Crane and CJ Disharoon had been talking. They were both experiencing the same problems.  Frustrated by the status quo of the construction industry, Pam and CJ started asking each other questions. They had conversations

Phase one 2022 pinnacle award

2022 Pinnacle Award for Best Remodeling Project

The Home Builders Association of South Carolina recently awarded Azalea Building Group the prestigious Pinnacle award for best remodeling project for $200,000-$299,000.  This is the third year in a row that our construction firm, Azalea

Kitchen island with custom range

It Wasn’t Too Good to Be True

“I couldn’t find anything and it was almost disturbingly consistent.”  That’s how Jahan Salehi describes his hunt for negative reviews about Phase One. He was on an intense search to find the perfect contractor. Jahan

Open kitchen the looks into a furnished sunroom
Process & Planning

Designed and Delivered from 1,000 Miles Away

The distance between Corpus Christi, TX and Orangeburg, SC is about 1,222 miles, give or take a few depending on the route (and if you want to go through Atlanta).  Stephanie Jackson and her husband

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