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Phase One and Massey Engineering Reflect on the First Anniversary of Their Partnership

“Everything is fixable.” 

That’s Dallas Massey’s mantra when he approaches a project. And it’s a line that’s served him well since he merged his company with Phase One one year ago. 

Dallas is a structural engineer in Columbia, SC, but he’s licensed in several states. He cut his teeth designing bridges and roads before starting his own company, focusing on residential and commercial projects. That’s how he met and started working with the co-founders of Phase One CJ Disharoon and Pam Crane.

The partnership between Massey Engineering and Phase One makes perfect sense because it adds so much value for clients. Phase One can handle home design plans and Dallas’ expertise in engineering can identify and solve problems before they happen. Combined with CJ and Engineering Technician Al Gonzalez’s construction backgrounds, Massey believes they make an excellent team. 

“We have a lot of experience on our team, between Al, CJ, and myself,” Dallas said. 

Al mentioned that Dallas’ engineering input benefits many residential building scenarios. For example, homes in areas with high winds or wide open spaces are susceptible to building challenges. So are houses with large windows or that require a beam to carry a heavy rafter load. If not addressed, issues can arise down the road. 

“That’s where he helps us to make sure that our designs are buildable, but then also we’re giving clients the peace of mind that this is engineered to hold up for the life of the house,” Al explained. 

During Phase One construction consults, Dallas and the Massey Engineering team are often brought in to help think through a design challenge or if an engineering solution is needed. 

Al and Dallas agreed that peace of mind is the biggest takeaway for clients who work with the Massey Engineering team. 

Looking back over the last year of the partnership, Al said he believes it’s a tremendous asset to have engineering experts and drafting professionals working in the same organization. 

“That right there is a huge, huge advantage when drawing up and looking at plans,” Al noted. 

Al said there’s also a cost advantage for clients. He explained that many construction firms don’t factor engineering costs into their estimates. Now, that’s part of Phase One’s pricing structure. 

Massey Engineering and Phase One have worked on many projects together. And ultimately, it’s the clients who’ve benefited most from this partnership. 

March 27, 2023