Our Process for planning your dream home


Listen. Collaborate. Deliver.

At Phase One, we want to erase the stigma that a construction project has to be miserable. That is why we have created a construction experience that is informative, transparent, and fun. We talk with you, not at you. And we present you with all of the information you need to choose what you want for your home. Whether you only need quick construction documents or a creative team of experts to walk with you through the design experience, Phase One exists for you.

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It starts with a phone call where we can talk about the project and get a feel for working together. We’ll listen to your hopes and dreams for what you want this to be, and ask questions to find out as much as we can about you, so that we can provide the best designs to fit your needs.

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Next, we’ll meet and discuss the project more thoroughly in order to give you a rough idea of the potential costs, construction hurdles, and whether the project is a good fit, based on our experience.

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The experience begins

If we mutually agree on moving forward, we’ll send you a cost estimate for your  Phase One Experience & Deliverables based on the size and scope of your project.

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You speak, we listen

We begin by helping you define your goals and vision. You’ll be assigned an architectural design lead from our talented team who will listen to everything you want to accomplish. Opening the space, expanding the kitchen, removing an unused closet — whatever the case may be — we listen first, so that we can design concepts that work within the build of your home to best meet your needs. 

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Your designer will come on-site and get exact measurements of your current space in order to create an As-Built Plan Document. An As-Built plan is required for permitting, but it can also help you visualize the current floorpan against the new designs. 

For New Construction projects, the as-built is replaced by the Discovery process including on-site measuring and surveying. 

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You dream, we design

This is the fun part! After listening to everything you want to accomplish, we come up with unique design concepts to solve the problem that fit within your budget — or notify you of options that might stretch your budget, but create a better solution. Plus, our team of designers have real construction experience, which means we can alleviate code and permitting issues before they arise.

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Along the way, we will have multiple meetings where we present and discuss the design plans. Throughout these meetings we help educate you on the actual construction process,  typical timelines, impact on your daily life, and how much this project will cost in real construction dollars. We want you to fully understand what you are getting into before you invest in construction. Clients tell us this is the most valuable piece of the Phase One Experience. 

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Once final designs are approved, we deliver Permit Documents that your contractor can use to pull construction permits and immediately get to work.

We have an in-house architect of record and partner company, Massey Engineering, who can sign off on complex structural issues as needed to ensure code specifications and requirements are met. 

About Permit Documents

What They Are

Permit Documents are the technical drawings and specs required for a contractor to obtain permits and begin construction.

What They Are Not

Permit documents do not typically include the final design selections for your home. Finishing details like paint colors, light fixtures, countertops, and tile selections will still need to be determined with your designer or contractor during the construction process.

our commitment to you

Accurate Permit Documents

There is nothing a contractor hates more than having to redo work because plans weren’t right. We provide construction documents that are permit-ready and HOA approved, so that all the contractor has to do is give a quote, and get to work. Local contractors love getting plans from Phase One.

Phase One construction documents are guaranteed to pass Permitting – Call us if any issues arise.

unmatched Expertise + Support

As a combined team of contractors and interior designers, we are experts in both fields. By using our expertise you can expect to have construction headaches mitigated before a hammer ever hits a nail — resulting in fewer change orders, and a better overall experience.

Throughout your construction process, your contractor can call us directly with any questions that arise from the plan documents. You don’t have to be caught in the middle trying to make decisions without informed help.