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At Phase One we talk with you, not at you. And we present you with all of the information you need to choose what you want for your home. Below are some of our more frequently asked questions, which may help you know what to expect when connecting with us.

Frequently asked questions

Start with a Phase One construction consult.

We’ll meet and discuss the project more thoroughly in order to give you a rough idea of the potential costs, construction hurdles, and whether the project is a good fit, based on our experience.

The Phase One construction consult is a paid consultation with a General Contractor. During this consult we will discuss more nitty-gritty details such as the structural and financial aspects of your project. 

Our goal is for you to understand the following after this consult: 

  • A rough estimate of the project cost, and possible break down of project phases.
  • If the project is possible with the structure of your home.
  • If the project can be done logistically. 
  • What permits are needed and who is responsible for getting those. 
  • If the project can be done on your property within the setbacks, easements, and lot coverage. 
  • How the existing plumbing/electrical/HVAC may affect the project. 
  • If you need a plat or survey done.
  • What involvement, if any, will be needed from the HOA, and who will be the point of contact.
  • Costs for Phase One plans if needed. 

Consults start at $250 for locations around the Midlands. (Cost may increase to account for travel time to other locations or length of consultation.) 

If your project is a renovation or addition, we will almost always have the consult at your house so that we can see the space. 

If your project is new construction, we will meet at our office:
2910 Rosewood Drive
Columbia, SC 29205 

After the initial consultation, if we mutually agree on moving forward to Phase One, we will send you a cost for your Experience & Deliverables based on the size and scope of your project. 

This depends on the size and scope of your project and will be determined during the consult. 

Your plans will be detailed architectural-quality plans that can be used to obtain permits for your project delivered both digitally and physically to all required parties.

You will be assigned one of our talented architectural designers for the duration of your project. They will be responsible for drawing up your final plans.

An architect is not required in SC for residential planning, so we do not have one on staff. However, we regularly partner with our sister company, Massey Engineering, when architectural engineering is required. 

Typically, architects are only required in commercial applications and rare residential situations. All of our plans are created by our talented architectural designers with the oversight of a general contractor so that construction and budget are always kept in mind.

If an architect is determined to be required for your project, we partner with a our sister company, Massey Engineering, for all structural concerns.

When engineering is required, we work with our sister company, Massey Engineering.  They are located in our same building and work very closely with our team.

We have worked with clients from all over the USA that are moving to our area.  States such as New York, New Jersey, Colorado, California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, etc..

Most of our out of state clients schedule zoom, team and conference meetings when working with our team.

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All my life I had been told ‘No! — That’s too expensive. That’s too hard. That’s too much work.’

We are a building a company that says, ‘Yes! You can have exactly what you want, and here's how!’

— Pam

We exist to bridge the gap between homeowner dreams and construction realities.