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Phase One Expands Construction Consultation Into Commercial Market 

When Phase One began, we wanted to bring a whole new approach to residential renovations and building projects. 

Our focus was on making the construction easier for clients. We believe they should clearly understand project feasibility, how much it will cost, and accurate timelines for project completion. That mindset is the core of our construction consult service. 

Now, we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing that same approach to the commercial industry with Phase One Commercial

“We’re essentially bringing the exact same process that’s been successful for our residential clients to the commercial side,” Pam Crane, co-founder of Phase One, said. “And that’s what’s so exciting about this. We know it works and we know there’s a group of people who are underserved in this market.” 

Phase One has begun making several strategic hires to meet the demands of the commercial market. 

One new addition to the team is Senior Architectural Designer Cole Garrison. Cole’s years of experience working on multi-million dollar projects, from high-rise apartments to mixed-use developments, will instantly impact the success of commercial work. 

Phase One Commercial will focus on two markets. The first, owner-operated commercial spaces, will benefit from Phase One’s construction consult services. Like residential client work, Phase One can provide owner-operators with design insight, concrete budget numbers, and construction timelines. 

The second, investor-owned, will benefit from Phase One’s ability to conduct feasibility studies and provide expertise on the viability of a project. 

Phase One Commercial will focus on several project types, including office, retail, hospitality, multi-family and hotel, and healthcare. The firm is licensed to work in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. 

“We’re excited to get started,” Pam said. “We’ve explored the opportunity to work in the commercial space for a while and with the addition of Cole and the experience level of our staff, now is the perfect time to start.” 

To learn more about Phase One Commercial, check out our website

September 14, 2023