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A Space to Call Home

The Joneses know their way around home building and remodeling. 

By their estimation, they’ve built or remodeled more than a dozen houses. They’ve lived in everything from a Manhattan apartment in New York City to a 7,200 sq. ft. house on a golf course in Blythewood, South Carolina.

So, at this point, they have a pretty good idea of what’s needed to make a space feel like home for them. And they also know a good contractor when they find one. 

When David and Sheila Jones decided to move closer to their family in Columbia, they purchased a townhome and knew they wanted to make changes. They found the right contractor but needed guidance with designing a space to fit their needs. 

Their builder referred them to a few design firms who could help and the Joneses interviewed three of them. 

“One was arrogant. One was overpriced. And one was head and shoulders above the rest. And that was Phase One,” Sheila said. 

“They Were So Creative” 

Sheila said they wanted a design team who understood what they needed. This was a significant downsize for the Joneses, who know firsthand the importance of utilizing every inch of a home. 

“Phase One, they came into our space, they looked at it, they knew we were going to do an extensive remodel, and they were so creative in what they suggested,” Sheila said. “They gave us three-floor plans of our space.” 

The Joneses worked with designer Ellianna McManis. This was her first solo design project since joining Phase One. And she came up with a bold idea to create more space in the townhome. 

Ellianna suggested opening a hole in the ceiling to add more room and open up the floor plan. It created a front and back hallway, making access to the living area much easier. 

Downtown Columbia Renovation | Greene St | Phase One

One thing that stood out to the Joneses was how the Phase One team listened to them. 

“They really did listen and were able to bring that to their design process,” David said. “They absolutely wanted to give us what we wanted, not what they wanted.” 

A Unique Challenge

Remodeling a townhome has limitations. For example, the Joneses said they couldn’t change the home’s exterior. And coming from a large house, the internal renovations would be critical to their enjoyment of the home. 

The Phase One team actually visited their previous home to see how it was designed and decorated. 

This attention to how the Joneses utilized their space paid off during the remodel. 

Sheila said they’d never experienced anything quite like it. 

“Other places that we’ve remodeled, well, you know, some of them were nightmares,” Sheila explained. “Nothing was like this one from start to finish.” 

The Joneses are enjoying their townhome. Their grandchildren are nearby. And they’ve adjusted to life downtown. 

“I miss being on the golf course, but my grandkids are eight minutes up the street,” David said. 

Doing What’s Right 

When they reflected on the Phase One experience, Sheila summed it up in a few words. 

“They were professional and we trusted them,” she said. “You can just trust them to do what’s right. And that’s really important to us.”

April 21, 2023