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The Story of Azalea Building Group and Phase One

Pam Crane and CJ Disharoon had been talking. They were both experiencing the same problems. 

Frustrated by the status quo of the construction industry, Pam and CJ started asking each other questions. They had conversations about what it would be like if they did things differently. 

How would the experience change if an emphasis was placed on planning a home renovation and building plans before any work started? 

All the talking and wondering turned into something. 

CJ was running Azalea Building Group and Pam was managing her own renovation company. They decided to come together and do things differently. They started Phase One, which would offer clients the opportunity to work with a designer to draft home plans that were construction ready. And allow Azaela to function as the main support to Phase One to actualize those plans.  

This solved a major issue. By creating home plans first, homeowners can learn what’s possible in their homes before hiring a construction team. Phase One’s goal was to provide transparency and honesty to the renovation process. Such a unique approach requires a unique contractor, so working with Azalea as a builder made perfect sense. 

Although separate entities, Phase One and Azalea work hand-in-hand. To hire Azalea as a contractor, a client must first go through the construct consult experience with Phase One. 

During the consult, we walk through every phase of the renovation process. We go line by line through a budget laying out the costs, so there are no surprises. And our Phase One architectural designers play a crucial role in determining if a project is a good fit for Azalea or if another builder is best. 

A One of a Kind Experience 

Homeowners who work with Azalea will get a unique experience. By the time they’re ready to work with Azalea, they’ll have worked with Phase One. So they’re well prepared for what comes next during construction. 

Jon Crane, Azalea’s project superintendent, steps in early during the design process to help create the vision. He has a keen eye for seeing a space and knowing what’s possible. So, he works closely with our clients and architectural designers throughout drafting. 

Jon’s mindset is to treat every home like it’s his own. And he sees a client’s investment like it’s his own money. His crews have the same attitude. 

He’s very hands-on, spending time going to appliance stores, designing cabinets, and keeping track of the budget. Don’t be surprised if you see him at the end of the day on a job site making sure everything is cleaned up.

Building with Azalea is different because there won’t be a surprise bill at the end. Our pricing process is transparent and you’ll even see our markup. 

We do this because you’re spending the money. It’s your home. And we believe you should know exactly what it costs. 

Start with Phase One (get it?)

Does Azalea sound like the building experience you’ve been looking for? The first step is booking a construct consult with Phase One. And even if Azalea isn’t the right fit, our architectural designers have relationships with many local builders, and they’ll recommend a partner who’s right for a client’s design and personality. 

February 17, 2023