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It’s More Than Just a Transaction

When the Fergusons first moved to Columbia 11 years ago, they found the ideal home. Four beds, three and a half baths, a garage, and a big backyard. And it was all in the idyllic neighborhood of Heathwood

After leaving Atlanta, they’d found their place. They’d figured out where their kids would go to school. Everything was great. 

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic began. Like many families, the Fergusons found their life and schedules flipped upside down. And this new reality forced them to reevaluate their needs and how they utilized their home.  

So, Kathy and Mark Ferguson began browsing homes and checking out listings their friends sent over. 

Just one problem. It was June 2020 and the real estate market was chaotic. 

The Fergusons realized it wouldn’t be a process of causally looking for the right place. When they found the right one, they’d have to move quickly. 

“So that started us down a rabbit hole and then we bought a 100-year-old house,” Kathy said, laughing. “That we were not looking for.” 

Looking For the Right Place 

The Ferguson’s home was built in 1921. It was the guest home of a larger home next door. Over the years, a few different owners have left their unique mark and made a few changes. 

Some were more intentional. Others were accidental, like a hole in an antique window caused by a BB gun from a next-door neighbor. 

The Fergusons love their home, but it wasn’t the first one they considered. They’d looked at another house down the street from their current residence. But they knew it would take some work. And money. 

“We knew [the house would] need work,” Kathy said. “And we’re also smart enough to know that work is really expensive. So somebody needs to tell us if it’s doable and how much it would be.” 

Kathy got in touch with Phase One co-founder CJ Disharoon through a referral at her gym. CJ and co-founder Pam Crane visited the home with the Fergusons to help them determine if it was a feasible project. 

They ultimately decided the first home wasn’t the right fit. So, Phase One visited the second option, which the Fergusons ultimately purchased, to develop a concept. 

“The way their minds work is bananas,” Kathy explained. 

She said the vision and ideas Phase One brought to the table helped them decide what to do. They ultimately landed on their current home because Pam and CJ saw the listing and told them what was needed, how much it would cost, and what was feasible. 

March 22, 2023