Hot Home Design Ideas to Get You Ready for Summer

Backyard deck

Spring doesn’t last long in the South. Those few weeks of cool mornings and a high of 70 are quickly replaced with 85 degrees in April.  For anyone who’s lived here more than a year, you know what this means. Summer is beginning.  And most of us want to enjoy the longer days outdoors. So, […]

“We Help Make it Clear”

Claire ellianna

A Conversation with Phase One Designers We talk a lot about the design experience at Phase One. It’s something we care deeply about. And we’ve created a process that we believe is unique in the industry.  And while we can describe it in many different ways, we thought it might be good for you to […]

Three Ways to Create More Natural Light In Your Home

Dining room with wall of windows

Time is changing. And we mean that literally. When clocks spring forward on March 13th, you’ll lose an hour of sleep but gain a little more light. Spring days will be longer as summer approaches, and for many of us, it’s a good feeling to see the sun and warm days as we emerge from […]

I Don’t Know Where to Start

Phase one house plans

What to Do When You’re Considering Any Construction Project We hear it almost every time the phone rings. Or something similar like,  “Who should I even call first?”  Or, “How much will it cost me to…”  And sometimes it’s simply, “I have some ideas in mind but I have no idea where to start.” We […]

Our Three New Year’s Resolutions

Kitchen counter

When January 1 rolls around, you’re probably getting asked the same question a lot: “What are your New Year’s resolutions?”  Maybe this question makes you roll your eyes or break out into a cold sweat because you haven’t even thought about them.  We feel the same way, but we know it’s good to set some […]

Myth Busting the Design + Construction Process

Reclaimed brick stack

You’re inspired. You’ve saved Instagram posts (hopefully some of ours!), pinned ideas to your Pinterest boards, and made a decision: you want to remodel your home. Now that you’re ready to move forward, you may have a few thoughts in your head about how it will go. Unfortunately, some of them may not be accurate, […]

Plan for Tomorrow, Today

Phase one design draft build

You’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes next week. Next week is now next year. When you’re thinking about a home renovation, it’s easy to put it off until “tomorrow.” We know because we’ve done it ourselves. Life gets busy, and other things pop up that prevent you from getting started. Or maybe you’re intimidated by […]