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A Behind the Scenes Look at the Drafting Process  

“Don’t be afraid,” Ellianna McMannis, Designer at Phase One, says. 

It’s something she tells many clients during the drafting process. Ellianna showcases bold design plans that clients may have never thought of before, so they may feel a little nervous. 

But, as Ellianna says, they should trust the process. 

Out-of-the-box ideas are beneficial for clients to imagine unique home designs. And it may spark inspiration. 

How Our Designers Get Their Ideas

The drafting process starts long before our designers draw home plans.

It begins in a client’s house with a walkthrough. This phase lets our designers envision what a home can be instead of what it is today. 

Even though a client works with one designer, they’re not operating alone. According to Ellianna and Claire Guza another Phase One Designer, they are always working with our builders to understand the budget and get their input. 

They also work with their designer colleagues and bounce ideas off each other. 

Claire said they like to present lots of home construction plan options so clients have a complete picture of what’s possible. 

“We really try to do several different options,” Claire said. “One will show exactly what the client is asking for, and then I like to do a couple of variations of what they were thinking and then something totally different to try and flip their ideas upside down to see many options.”  

The first few drafts of the design plans set the tone for how the project will go. 

“Those initial ideas really facilitate creativity not just in us, but [also] in the client,” Ellianna said. 

And even if a client doesn’t go with the out-of-the-ordinary idea, it can lead them to an innovative design for their home. In fact, this process has led to remarkable transformations.

No matter what, Ellianna and Claire both said their job is to partner with the client to create the home construction plans of their dreams. They want to make a vision come to life. 

You can work with Claire, Ellianna, and our team on your home design. The first step towards your dream home is reaching out to us.  

June 8, 2022