A Behind the Scenes Look at the Drafting Process  

Phase one drafting plans

“Don’t be afraid,” Ellianna McMannis, Designer at Phase One, says.  It’s something she tells many clients during the drafting process. Ellianna showcases bold design plans that clients may have never thought of before, so they may feel a little nervous.  But, as Ellianna says, they should trust the process.  Out-of-the-box ideas are beneficial for clients […]

Myth Busting the Design + Construction Process

Reclaimed brick stack

You’re inspired. You’ve saved Instagram posts (hopefully some of ours!), pinned ideas to your Pinterest boards, and made a decision: you want to remodel your home. Now that you’re ready to move forward, you may have a few thoughts in your head about how it will go. Unfortunately, some of them may not be accurate, […]

Plan for Tomorrow, Today

Phase one design draft build

You’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes next week. Next week is now next year. When you’re thinking about a home renovation, it’s easy to put it off until “tomorrow.” We know because we’ve done it ourselves. Life gets busy, and other things pop up that prevent you from getting started. Or maybe you’re intimidated by […]