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Plan for Tomorrow, Today

You’ll do it tomorrow.

Tomorrow becomes next week.

Next week is now next year.

When you’re thinking about a home renovation, it’s easy to put it off until “tomorrow.”

We know because we’ve done it ourselves. Life gets busy, and other things pop up that prevent you from getting started. Or maybe you’re intimidated by the scope of taking on such a big construction project.

Whatever the reason, it can keep you from creating the home of your dreams.

And maybe you’re wondering, “what’s the big deal if I wait a little longer to get plans put together?”

If you’re asking that question, here are a few good reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer to get started on your home design plans.

It will take longer than you think

It’s just a fact of life; weather, material delays, and unexpected bumps in the road can complicate the process (and drag it out). Of course, some delays are always expected, but the pandemic has created shortages that impact the accessibility and cost of building materials.

Getting your home plans in place now may put you on track for construction to begin once materials are more readily available.

Costs may be higher

Material costs fluctuate all the time which leads to project prices coming in higher than initially anticipated. Once construction starts, changes may need to be made based on what builders encounter in your home. New or different materials could be required to complete a job which increases expenses and causes delays.   

The market is hot

Finally, let’s address the elephant in the room: contractors. 

Contractors are nearly always busy. Many of them are booked weeks or even months in advance, which has only worsened during the pandemic. Like you, many people are prioritizing home renovations. 

As a result, you probably won’t find someone ready to start immediately (if you do, we’d advise you to reconsider working with them!). Instead, take the time to get your plans in place so when contractors are available, you’re ready to hit the ground running!

A plan to make things happen

The best thing you can do to mitigate against problems like these is to plan ahead. Get started with the drafting process. Decide what you want and work out the details on paper. Then, you can find a contractor of your choice to start the project.  

When you have home designs, you now have some control over when you start. You can wait until building costs go down or when the time is right in your life. 

Let’s turn tomorrow into today by setting up a consultation and taking a step towards your dream home. 

November 2, 2021