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Myth Busting the Design + Construction Process

You’re inspired. You’ve saved Instagram posts (hopefully some of ours!), pinned ideas to your Pinterest boards, and made a decision: you want to remodel your home.

Now that you’re ready to move forward, you may have a few thoughts in your head about how it will go. Unfortunately, some of them may not be accurate, so we’re here to help by busting some construction myths so you’ll be prepared for your next project.

Myth: “We know what we want to do, and we’re ready to start.”

That sounds nice, and you may think you’re ready to start, but here’s reality: you need to give yourself plenty of time. So many little things can affect the start of a project, like HOA requirements. Or, you may need to check on your setbacks and easements. And then all of the permits you need if work is required on plumbing and electrical.

And that’s just the start.

What seems like a month-long project can go on for weeks as changes are made or surprises pop up.

Myth: “This will only take three months.”

Speaking of timelines, one thing you need to go ahead and tell yourself: it always takes longer than you think. You may have heard us say this before. 


Always add extra days or weeks to the estimated time your project will wrap up. Unfortunately, many builders are not upfront about what’s realistic. They know you want to be finished quickly, so they’ll say they can get it done to win your business. When you work with a drafting company that understands the construction business (like us!), you can count on getting a more accurate timeline.


The reality is that when you start opening up walls and ceilings, delays will happen. Supply chain issues can hold up materials for weeks and months. And remember, if you’re working on an outdoor space, you can’t control the weather. Rain and storms can stop the most efficient builders in their tracks.

Myth: “We can live in the space while we remodel.”

If the sights and sounds of a construction zone help you sleep at night, then you’ll feel right at home during remodeling.

But, for most people, this isn’t a pleasant experience. There’s also a good chance you could be without power, internet, and water for long periods. Your routine will be thrown off, even on the weekends. If your kitchen is being remodeled, you’ll soon be a regular at your favorite takeout place.

The reality is that your home will be a stressful environment during remodeling.  

Myth: “My budget is [fill in the blank].”

If you’ve seen enough HGTV, you know how common it is for a problem to crop up that blows the budget. That’s true in reality as well. So it’s good to add on an extra 15-20% for unexpected issues. 

Myth: “If I wait, the costs will come down.”

Maybe, but it’s unlikely. Labor and supply shortages are driving up costs. While material prices can fluctuate up and down, labor costs do not often drop.

We’re Here to Bust Myths, Not Your Bubble

We’ve been in the construction and design business for a while. So, we know what people say or assume when they want to start remodeling. And it’s understandable. Improving your home is exciting, and you want it to go well. But, we’re here to be candid with you and share the realities of situations you may find yourself in.

Does this myth-busting mean you should avoid remodeling? Definitely not. It just means that you’ll need to plan well, have patience, and prepare yourself to enjoy the journey! You can take the first step by booking a consultation with us!

December 21, 2021