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Hot Home Design Ideas to Get You Ready for Summer

Spring doesn’t last long in the South. Those few weeks of cool mornings and a high of 70 are quickly replaced with 85 degrees in April. 

For anyone who’s lived here more than a year, you know what this means. Summer is beginning. 

And most of us want to enjoy the longer days outdoors. So, we put together a few home design ideas to make your place perfect for summer.

Stay Cool + Entertain on Your Deck

An open deck may seem like an invitation to the hot sun. But, by covering part of the porch (like this design), you can create a place for shade so you can entertain guests outside. Then, add trendy furniture and plants that enjoy lots of sun for an inviting outdoor experience. You’ll want design plans for a project like this, even if you’re doing it DIY, to guide you through the process.

Backyard Deck

Bring Your Cocktail Party Inside

Sometimes your sangria and margaritas are best enjoyed inside (we can only take so much humidity). 

Hosts your friends for a summer cocktail party with a wet bar space that’s perfect for mixing your favorite summer cocktails. We love this bar because it’s a center point for gathering, and the colors give a tropic vibe (and it fits perfectly with the home design). 

Gold wet bar sink, green cabinets and sleek backsplash

Beat the Heat with a Fire

There’s something nostalgic about a fire on those long summer nights. And you can have one right on your deck space. 


We love this design because it uses a small fire pit to welcome guests and encourage them to spend time outside. And it’s small enough that you won’t need to worry about folks leaving because they’re sweating. Add a TV to watch a game or have a family movie night.

Lake Front Exterior | Ridouette | Phase One

Design Plans for Summer and Beyond

We hope these ideas will inspire a little endless summer in your home. And we’ve got plenty more over on Facebook and Instagram.  And if you need help coming up with a home design or home construction plans, we can help with that, too!

May 5, 2022