West Virginia Comes to the South

This new build is a combination of modern and rustic lodge styles that create the perfect family home that stands out on the lake.

This new construction home is located on Lake Murray situated on a lot back in a cove.  This house will be home to a family that has relocated from West Virginia, and they want to bring some of the mountain lodge style with them. The home is 3 storeys, 8,300 sq. ft. of heated space, and 4,850 sq. ft. of unheated space.  The house will combine modern design with rustic materials to achieve this look..  Even though this home is nestled in a cove and surrounded by trees, its unique style will make it stand out.

The design of this home focused on emphasizing the lake views for the common living areas of the home.  As you enter into the foyer you will see a large statement staircase with a two story chandelier. As you move back into the space you will be in the great room that has lots of windows looking at the lake, a large double sided fireplace, vaulted ceilings, and the kitchen containing two islands.  This area is open and spacious, but with wood, stone, and metal accents to warm up the space.  Behind the kitchen is the large pantry, mudroom and laundry room.  These areas have quick access to the garage and kitchen which provide much needed storage conveniently. The master suite is close by on this main level and has several amenities such as a private screened porch and access to the home gym from the closet. 

The basement contains much of the recreation and entertainment areas.  You will find a large bonus room with a bar, as well as the theater room here.  These areas have high ceilings and lots of windows to make this basement level feel as open and inviting as the main level.  Throughout this area and in the great room above you will see lots of wood accents and exposed metal beams that help to achieve the modern lodge style.  The second floor contains the rest of the bedrooms for the house, and there is elevator access for any guests who need it.  There is a small bonus room for the kids and each bedroom has an en suite bathroom. 

The roofline of the home was designed with large simple shed roof plans to give it an angular and modern look. Simple wood-look siding and stone access are used on the exterior to help communicate the modern lodge style.  The floor plan has clean lines and angular accents that were arranged to set the foundation for the modern look of the home.  Overall this new construction home was carefully planned and designed to achieve a grand feel while still being functional to the family’s needs in a stylish manner.

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