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Three Ways to Create More Natural Light In Your Home

Time is changing. And we mean that literally. When clocks spring forward on March 13th, you’ll lose an hour of sleep but gain a little more light. Spring days will be longer as summer approaches, and for many of us, it’s a good feeling to see the sun and warm days as we emerge from the cold and dark of winter. 

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ll want to bring more natural light into your house. It makes you feel better and brings warmth into your living space. 

But what do you do if your home lacks natural light? We’ll tell you a few ways you can bring the sunshine indoors

Install French Doors or a Transom

French Doors can add extra light to the entrances in your home. The styling is timeless and elegant (like this dark wood stain), and you can find so many different options to fit your home. French doors provide a lot of light and give you a beautiful view of the outdoors.

French Doors

If French Doors aren’t your thing, or won’t work well in your home, consider adding a transom. Transoms can add light without installing a windowpane door.

Kitchen with small window above door

Add a Palladian Window to Your Home Office

A Palladian window combines timeless elegance and invites the sun inside. Installing one in a home office can create a classic look and give the room ample lighting. It works particularly well in rooms with dark colors, like this one. 

Built in shelves and wood floor with a large window

Use Textured Glass in Bathrooms

Brighten up your dark bathrooms by adding textured glass. They can draw in light while still maintaining a sense of privacy so you can relax as long as you want. 

PhaseOne Shower

We’ll Find Ways to Let Light In

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March 4, 2022