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Designing a Dream Home: It Takes a Village

Choosing your home remodeling dream team is a big decision. Choose unwisely, and you will regret that decision for a long time to come. Make the right choices, and you will absolutely adore the results.

When you are choosing potential team members for your home remodeling project, be sure to ask them the basic questions. If they pass those questions, then go a bit deeper to figure out if these are the people you want to help with designing a dream home.

What players do you need on your home remodeling project team?

How should you determine which professionals you need on your project? Let’s break down the main potential professionals you may need so you can see what they do and why you may want the services of specific specialists


What is an architect?

Architects are very highly trained professionals who understand the complexities of building design, ergonomics, engineering, materials, light, sound, and structural safety.

What do architects do?

They plan and design residential and commercial buildings and other structures. They may oversee drafters and help to create scaled drawings. Architects can provide project management for construction contracts and oversee construction work on-site and many other highly skilled services.

When would you need an architect for a home remodeling project?

If you are making complex, major changes to the exterior of your home or drastically changing the floor plan and architecture of the interior of your house, you may need the services of an architect.


What is a drafter?

A drafter works with engineers and architects to help produce technical drawings of buildings and other man-made structures.

What do drafters do?

Drafters produce blueprints and schematics for digital 3D models of buildings on computer software like AutoCAD. These drawings allow builders and owners to visualize what the final product will look like and provide directions for construction.

Drafters can also create drawings of existing structures for building permit applications for remodels or additions to help with designing a dream home.

When would you need a drafter for your home remodel?

If you already have the design ideas from an engineer or architect, a drafter can make the technical drawings you need for a simple remodeling project.

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Interior designer

What is an interior designer?

Interior designers sometimes work as independent contractors or for design firms to help create visually appealing, safe, and functional living spaces in a home.

What do interior designers do?

Once the designer understands the client’s needs and finds the best solutions, they create drawings with the information builders need for the project.

They may also assist with project oversight and work with contractors and subcontractors. Interior designers can develop structural changes in a space.

They may help to develop themes, room layout, and even general plumbing and electrical plans.

Interior designers can also help to design energy-efficient, green buildings, improve indoor air quality, and implement universal design principles.

Interior designers understand lighting, flooring, color palettes, ergonomics, traffic flow, and all of the materials in the room. Interior designers often choose materials, finishes, and furnishings.

When would you need an interior designer for your home remodeling work?

Hire an interior designer if you need help significantly revamping your home floor plan for more than a simple renovation. They can help you choose timeless materials and finishes that will appeal to potential future buyers to up your home’s resale value.

If you tend to feel overwhelmed by all of the decisions in a home renovation or you are too busy to make the choices yourself, home designers can save you a lot of time and provide professional results you’ll love.

General contractor

What is a general contractor?

A general contractor has the main responsibility to manage a construction project and handle the building process.

What do general contractors do?

The general contractor coordinates all of the material, workers, and equipment for a building or remodeling project, often acting as the project manager. They also hire subcontractors for specialty work like plumbers and electricians.

When would you need a general contractor for your home renovation project?

If you are having significant work done on your home that is more than a simple handyman could manage, you need a general contractor. For example, hire a general contractor for full bathroom or kitchen remodeling, additions, or major structural repairs or changes.

Interior decorators

What is an interior decorator?

Interior decorators handle the aesthetics of an interior space or outdoor living space. They don’t make any structural design changes. 

What do interior decorators do?

Interior decorators make decisions on the visual aspects of a space including paint colors, wallpaper, fabric, furnishings, light fixtures, and interior decorations. They also help with space planning and room layout to get the most beautiful, functional arrangement to maximize the space. 

When would you need to hire an interior decorator?

If you need help choosing an appealing, cohesive appearance for your space, an interior decorator can coordinate your theme, materials, colors, and furnishings. They can give your home a polished look.

Once you choose your designers and contractors, it's time to let them do their thing!

Be available and around. Check on things to be sure they are up to your standards but avoid micromanaging.

Micromanaging or trying to control absolutely everything is what you do if you want to do all the work yourself. That is exhausting!

Relax and enjoy the fact that you have a team of trusted professionals. Let them do the sweating and the worrying about making everything turn out well.

Phase One Design Office|home remodeling dream team

Looking for your dream team to help with designing a dream home in Columbia, SC?

At Phase One, we help you envision your remodeling project by walking you through the design process with our professional team that includes a home designer and an experienced general contractor. 

This way, whether you want to do design-build or design-bid-build, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of the design-build model without the disadvantages.

We make sure you don’t have to worry about whether the designs you have will work for your contractor in real life because we get a contractor’s valuable input.

We can also work with you as your project manager to oversee your contractor and the construction of your home renovation or home remodeling project.

Please contact us today and we’ll get started!


February 26, 2021