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If you are planning a big project but not sure where to start, we can take a look and give you a rough idea of the potential costs, construction hurdles, and whether it is a good idea based on our experience. Learn more about our construction consulting services.


If you are a contractor, designer, or hardcore DIYer, you may already have your project fully designed and just need to get plans drafted. You can send us sketches, pictures, and measurements, and we can draft fast, accurate permit-ready plan documents.


Whether keeping your existing footprint or starting a new construction design-build, we can create unique floor plan designs that will maximize your space so that you can live your best life. 

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Serving Investors, Developers, Contractors, Engineers, Realtors, Architects & Homeowners in the Greater Midlands of South Carolina

Plans and blueprints are needed for any construction project. How you get to those plans determines the timeline and the costs. If you are a homeowner looking for creativity, guidance, and a bespoke construction experience, it typically takes 6-8 weeks to get your plans.  If you have all of the details and know exactly what you need, we can build express permit plans in 5-30 business days after a consultation to determine whether we have everything needed to accomplish your goal.

Wherever you are in the construction or renovation process, Phase One has developed a path for you to get your build-ready construction documents. 


Express plans

If you need fast, accurate permit / construction plan blueprints or CAD renderings in 5-30 business days, and know all the details for your project, Phase One is the answer. We draft permit drawings with speed and accuracy so that you can get what you need and get to work. 

Contact us to submit a project request and we’ll coordinate getting necessary files (sketches to be rendered, plat/survey documents, HOA specifications or other requirements). We will contact you to set up a consultation and determine a realistic timeline for your project based on whether we have everything needed to accomplish your goal.

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You speak, we listen.
You dream, we design.

We will listen to everything you want to accomplish with your space, and come up with unique design concepts to solve the problem that fit within your budget — or notify you of options that might stretch your budget, but create a better solution.  


Get the Plans.
Do the work.
Cash the check.

We can come in on the front of the projects and take your customer through our construction design process, so that you just get the plans and go to work.

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Interior Designers & Architects

You design the space.
We’ll draft the plans.
You’ll be the hero.

We can partner with you to handle the technical aspects of drafting so that you can focus on the creative. We love working with other designers, we understand the craft, and we can help make sure your designs are ready for permitting — helping mitigate construction headaches, and making you the hero to your clientele.


You make the sale.
We’ll plan the renovation.

If you have buyers who are looking to renovate or flip, we can help design, budget, and plan projects so that you can just take care of the sale and focus on what you do best.

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We are designers who understand construction and contractors who understand design — the best of both worlds.