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construction experience, or express plans | Your choice

Plans and blueprints are needed for any construction project. How you get to those plans determines the timeline and the costs. If you have all of the details and know exactly what you need, we can build express permit plans in 5-10 business days. If you are looking for creativity, guidance, and a bespoke construction experience, it typically takes 6-8 weeks to get your plans.  

Wherever you are in this process, Phase One has developed a path for you to get your build-ready construction documents. The experience is yours to decide – 5-10 days or 6-8 weeks, you get to choose.


Signature Experience

You Speak, We listen.
You Dream, We Design.

At Phase One, we want to erase the stigma that a construction project has to be miserable. That is why we have created a construction experience that is informative, transparent, and fun. We talk with you, not at you. And we present you with all of the information you need to choose what you want for your home.

Phase One Express

Fast, Accurate, Permit-Ready
Construction Plans.

We can draft fast, accurate build-ready plan documents in 5-10 business days with Phase One Express, or in 30 days with Express30 if you need a little more time for revisions. Investors, Developers, Contractors, Engineers, Realtors, Architects & Homeowners trust Phase One. You can send us sketches, pictures, and measurements, and we’ll deliver build-ready plans in no time.

We exist to bridge the gap between homeowner dreams and construction realities.

Choose your experience.