Natural Textures and Custom Details Bring Life to this Lakeside Home

Wood Wins

Waterfront view with gorgeous open spaces and natural accents.

Natural wood accents steal the show in this truly stunning renovation. White countertops sit in perfect contrast to antique brick accents that tie everything together from the kitchen wall, to the laundry floor, to the perfectly balanced fireplace. This place is immaculate.

Marc & Maggie Bentz
Special Thanks
  • Dist Surfaces – (countertops)
  • Gavin Historical Bricks – (brick pavers)
  • Kevin – (cabinets)
  • Garden State Tile – (shower tile)
  • Home Depot – (hardware)
  • Sherwin Williams – (paint)
  • Darrell Neal – (painting)
  • Dixie Heartpine, Prosperity, SC – (mantel)
  • All American Plumbing – (plumbing)
  • Kj Films – (photography)