Golf Club Complex Gets Overhauled

This golf course is getting a major renovation of the grounds, clubhouse, locker rooms, and pro-shop buildings to breathe new life into the area.

Our design team was involved in three projects at the Solina Golf Course. First, the clubhouse is getting renovated to be upfitted for a fresh new restaurant. A large deck was added at the rear which overlooks the course, and the interior dining, kitchen, and restrooms were fully remodeled. The pro-shop and locker room portion of the original building was removed and is to be relocated in a new building on the property. The extra space was incorporated to fit more dining space for the restaurant. The kitchen was also expanded and fully renovated to become full service

The second building is the locker rooms and pro-shop, these were relocated to a new building next to the clubhouse. This will become an exclusive and stylish space for members to enjoy. It features a lounge area as well as a large patio. The last project is a new building that was created to house yard maintenance equipment in a more functional way. This building is exclusively for staff, small office and restroom, and storage of maintenance equipment.

Project Partners

Massey Engineering